My projects

My projects

Comic books

Anthology Kto szepcze w ciemności 2 (fragment), script by me, short story named Północnica, Poland 2021



Merciless vol. 2 (fragment), script by Willow Winters, based on Willow Winters’ book named Merciless, USA 2021



Merciless vol. 1 (fragment)script by Ann R Jones, based on Willow Winters’ book named Merciless, USA 2020



World on Fire #1 (production title) (fragment), script by Arman Nasim & Jared Chinigo, USA (waiting to be published)



Two short stories – Hades and Aphrodite (fragment), script by me, first appearace of anthology Terra Nostra, Poland 2019


Totem (fragment), International competition of short comic story, International Festival of Comic and Games in Łódź, script by Andrzej Włudecki, Poland 2019



One more chanson about love (fragment), ZIN – Cemęt #2, script by Kostchey, Poland 2019


Comic books & books covers


Comic books & books covers




Music album covers

Business cards

Children book illustrations

Kosmiczne Baśnie – children book, Poland (not published yet)


Mucha i Pajączek (author Jeremi Bartosiak), published in 2018 in Poland



Logo & brand book

Fragments of the brand book of MTS company



Przemysław Czubacki clothing brand – logo and fragment of the brand book


Tattoo designs

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