My projects

My projects

Comic books

Merciless vol. 1, based on Willow Winters” book – published in USA in 2020 (fragments)



Two short comic stories (Hades i Aphrodite) (fragments)


World on Fire #1 comic book (script Arman Nasim & Jared Chinigo) (fragments)



Short comic drawn for International Festival of Comic and Games in Łódź, Poland (script Andrzej Włudecki)



Sort comic drawn for ZIN – Cemęt, Poland (script Kostchey) (fragments)


Comic books & books covers




Music album covers

Business cards

Children book illustrations

Kosmiczne Baśnie – children book, Poland (not published yet)


Mucha i Pajączek (author Jeremi Bartosiak), published in 2018 in Poland



Logo & brand book

A part of MTS company’s brand book



Tattoo designs

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