About me

Hi! I’m Aleksandra Basak (or ilustratOLKA if you prefer). I successfully turned my passion for comic books and drawing into my job.

I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil in my hand. Most of the things I learnt all by myself. I picked up techniques that I use now and learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop which is one of the most important tools for me. I got to know basics of drawing and more complicated issues like drawing human anatomy, architecture or drawing comic pages, thank to my own curiosity, drawing courses, camps and lessons (in the end comic artist have to know how to draw everything!).  Anyway I haven’t stopped learning yet and I always attempt to get to know new things.

In the high school I was attending  a drawing course for two years to prepare myself for the entrance exam for the college. In 2014, I started studying a subject of architecture at Technical University in Rzeszów (Poland). In 2019, I graduated from university as master’s architecture engineer degree. After all I wanted to take a risk and went another direction than a career of architect. In 2019, I started one-year postgraduate studies at WIT in Warsaw as graphic designer. Also in 2019 I’ve started my own drawing company called ilustratOLKA, which I run until now.

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